How to request a test

For patients

For clinicians

Sample collection

For patients

If you are interested in a pathology test, please contact our bookings team on 0207 079 2100 (option 3) or email

We may need to arrange for you to have an appointment with one of our in-house GPs prior to your requested tests being performed. The reason for this is that all tests need to be referred by a doctor as they will be able to fully explain the meaning of the results.

Alternatively, you may ask your own GP to refer you for the tests using the downloadable link below.

If you wish to book a COVID test, please visit our COVID testing page.

For clinicians

If you are a clinician and wish to request a test for one of your patients, please use the resources below.

All samples should be directed to: Phoenix Pathology, 25 Harley Street laboratory, London, W1G 9QW

If you require postal packaging or a sample collection from your practice, please call 0203 883 9501.

Label the samples carefully with your patient’s full name and date of birth.

Please ensure that samples posing a particular risk of infection are double bagged and the request form is labelled ‘HIGH RISK’.

Sample collection

Please follow the link below for the sample collection guide, this document provides valuable information for clinics and clinicians on how the tests should be taken in order to obtain the most accurate results.

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The laboratory is open Monday to Friday 8am8pm

T: 0207 079 2100 (option 3)


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