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Menopause Check


Our Menopause blood check assesses the key markers of menopause to ensure they are within the correct levels.

You must only purchase one test per transaction

This test is carried out in-house at our clinic

The results are interpreted by our in-house GP

These tests can provide reassurance that what you are experiencing is within the normal range. If the results show an unusual results we will be able to arrange an appointment with an appropriate expert who will be able to investigate further.

We will test the following: 

TSH + FT4 + FSH+ LH + Oestradiol

Please note: you may choose a time and date that suits you, but this time and date is not confirmed until a member of the team gets in touch to confirm. We will be in touch once you have made your booking. 


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Menopause Check


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The laboratory is open Monday - Thursday, 8am - 8pm

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