Serum Folate Blood Test


Please note* 

  • You must only purchase one test per transaction as you are sent a unique reference number.
  • This test is performed at home via a finger prick. If you wish to visit the clinic please call 0207 079 2100 (option 3), an in clinic test comes at an extra £30 cost




The Serum Folate blood test analyses the levels of Folate within the blood. Folate is essential for healthy cell division, tissue and cellular repair and DNA synthesis. This test is useful if you want to ensure that your diet is providing you with a sufficient amount of Folate, or if you are pregnant this is because pregnant women require an increased levels of Folate.

Folate can be found in foods such as whole grains, beans and liver. Folate deficiency can result in anemia with symptoms of a sore tongue, diarrhoea, headaches and fatigue.