Testosterone Blood Test


Please note* 

  • You must only purchase one test per transaction as you are sent a unique reference number.
  • This test is performed at home via a finger prick. If you wish to visit the clinic please call 0207 079 2100 (option 3), an in clinic test comes at an extra £30 cost




The testosterone blood test measures the levels of testosterone throughout the body. The test can show whether low testosterone levels may be the reasons for loss of muscle, low sex drive and low energy levels. Regular testing can be beneficial supporting you if trying to increase testosterone levels naturally through diet and exercise. Testing levels of testosterone throughout years can help see if levels are decreasing with age.

The test is used to diagnose several conditions including infertility in both men and women, erectile dysfunction, tumours of testicles, irregular periods and excess body hair growth.

This test can also help women explore whether their testosterone levels are too high, this can occur with health conditions such as polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).