Thyroid Function Blood Test (TSH + FT3+ FT4)


Please note* 

  • You must only purchase one test per transaction as you are sent a unique reference number.
  • This test is performed at home via a finger prick. If you wish to visit the clinic please call 0207 079 2100 (option 3), an in clinic test comes at an extra £30 cost




The thyroid function test (TSH + FT3 + FT4) can investigate symptoms caused by an over active or an under active thyroid. Symptoms can be fluctuating weight, energy levels, mood and changes within skin or hair.

You should get tested to ensure that the thyroid gland is working efficiently and to diagnose thyroid disorders. The test should be taken when symptoms of the thyroid either increase or decrease activity.

If you currently take thyroid medication a thyroid function test can also be useful to see if your current medication dosage is working.