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Well Man Ultravit


The Well Man UltraVit test covers the key health markers for blood, liver, kidney, diabetes and more plus important measures of iron, vitamins, minerals and hormones. It is designed to provide insights into a wide number of important health markers which can be monitored over time.

The cost of this package includes phlebotomy fee and GP interpretation of results.

You must only purchase one test per transaction

This test is carried out in-house at our clinic

The results are interpreted by our in-house GP

Our Well Man Ultravit blood test looks at everything from your risk of heart disease and diabetes to how your major organs are functioning.

They also include vital tests for energy, like thyroid function, iron and essential vitamins and minerals, and we take a look at your hormone balance to make sure your levels are where they should be for your stage of life.

We will test the following:

FBC + ESR + Prostate profile + TSH + FT4 + Ferritin + Testosterone + Vitamin D + U/E + LFT + CK + LDH + Calcium + Phosphate + Uric Acid + Glucose + Iron + Lipid profile

Please note: you may choose a time and date that suits you, but this time and date is not confirmed until a member of the team gets in touch to confirm. We will be in touch once you have made your booking. 

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Well Man Ultravit


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