Well Man Ultravit


The Well Man UltraVit test covers the key health markers for blood, liver, kidney, diabetes and more plus important measures of iron, vitamins, minerals and hormones. It is designed to provide insights into a wide number of important health markers which can be monitored over time.



This advanced profile is a convenient way to help you understand your current state of health. Designed for men of all ages, this test focuses on many areas of your health that you may be able to improve through lifestyle changes. The test includes an online lifestyle and vital statistics questionnaire – a qualified doctor will review your answers together with your blood test results to produce a comprehensive, personalised report detailing what your results mean and what you can do to improve them. This profile also includes a test for testosterone, a male hormone essential for libido, fertility and building muscle mass.

We will test the following: 

FBC+ ESR + Prostate Profile + TSH + FT4 + Ferritin+ Testosterone+ Vitamin D + U/E, LFT’s, CK, LDH, Calcium, phosphate, uric acid, glucose, Iron, Lipid profile