Well Woman Ultravit


Our Well Woman UltraVit is our most comprehensive health check for women. It looks at everything from your risk of heart disease and diabetes to how your major organs are functioning.



We include some vital tests for energy, like thyroid function, iron and essential vitamins and minerals, and we take a look at your hormone balance to make sure your levels are where they should be for your stage of life. You can take our Well Woman UltraVit at any age, and help to understand your own personal risk factors which you can monitor over time and with advice from a qualified doctor included with every test, you’ll know what to do next to stay on top of your health.

We will test the following: 

FBC+ ESR+ TSH + FT4 + FSH+ LH+ Ferritin + Vitamin D + Oestradiol + U/E, LFT’s, CK, LDH, Calcium, phosphate, uric acid, glucose, Iron, Lipid profile.